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Perfect for those looking for environmentally sustainable office furniture for either home office or commercial use, the Paperweight Desk is a simple yet functional, extremely light yet immensely strong task desk that is made of 74% recycled paper, and 26% virgin fibres created from fully managed fast growing sustainable sources. Also read Best Sleeper Sofa for Elderly & Larger Guests


Created by Londons Cardboard Future, The Paperweight Desk is made of grade A white double walled corrugated board, a solid board, and water varnished desk top with edge protectors.  It has 2 chamfered legs that can be either inset or outset, a deep cable management tray, cable outlet slots, twin flaps in desk top for cable access, and best of all it only takes an average of three minutes to assemble!  In addition to the Paperweight desk, the line of sustainable furniture also includes a pedestal drawer unit, shelf unit, fourleg table, and round table, all made from the same recycled materials.

Yes believe it or not cardboard. It doesn’t seem as though it isn’t that right? Presently there nothing surprising about cardboard furniture; Frank Gehry was making it back in the late sixties, and his squirm side seat is as yet accessible now, yet it’s positively winding up more standard

Produced using additional solid cardboard with a varnished work area top, the two chamfered legs can be situated in two courses, contingent upon your inclination. As indicated by the ad spot, it can be amassed in three minutes (take that Ikea) and accompanies a link administration plate and openings for links to get to your hardware so they don’t need to trail everywhere throughout the best.

The work area was made by Mary Dorrington Ward and Rod Fountain who set up Flute Office in 2002. They started offering standard office furniture, however by 2008 understood that the business furniture advertise was changing and sold that business to dedicate time and assets taking a gander at elective materials and creation strategies. They focused on the utilization of paper and board, materials that were in abundant supply and 100 for every penny supportable and that had still not been generally misused for the make of furniture.

The POP seat is polymer air formed seat, 100 for every penny recyclable, utilizes no screws and expenses £35. Precisely.

As indicated by Nigel’s Eco Store, who likewise offer the work area, with direct utilize it should keep going for a long time, with overwhelming utilize three. Indeed, even with the goal that makes it really great incentive for cash.

Without a doubt, at initial a work area produced using ridged cardboard appears somewhat senseless. In any case, when you understand that a cardboard work area collected with box shapes gives you the capacity to assemble your own particular link administration framework with just an utility blade, you may change your tune.

Made of 100 percent reused cardboard, the Paperweight Desk is light and simple to collect. Be that as it may, don’t think little of it’s quality.

Awesome building has these white, polished bits of folded cardboard framing confined shapes that can hold up to your desktop machine. Additionally, it highlights a link administration framework to wrangle every one of your wires between its sheets. What’s more, think about what—if its implicit framework doesn’t work for you, you can snatch an utility blade and hack your own openings.

from Nigel’s Eco Store), it’s moderate as a work area, yet most likely more than we’d might suspect to pay for a bundle of cardboard. All things considered, in case you’re searching for an attractive, present day, solid work area that is still light and exceptionally convenient (you wanderer, you!), there’s truly not any more impeccable choice!